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Intellectual Property

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Our clients have worked hard to develop innovative products and brands and excellent reputations. We protect their intellectual property and enhance their brands and reputations by providing strategic, personalized, and practical advice for a constantly evolving marketplace.

Individuals, startups, and Fortune 100 companies alike depend on WSC for guidance with their most challenging intellectual property matters. With decades of experience representing clients in the technology, art, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, and fitness industries, our attorneys are skilled in all aspects of IP and brand management, including:

  • Trademark and copyright prosecution

  • Trade secrets protection

  • Intellectual property asset portfolio monitoring and brand management

  • Intellectual property enforcement and protection, including cease and desists

  • TTAB proceedings

  • Due diligence of intellectual property in transactions

  • Licensing, coexistence, and transfer agreements

  • Intellectual Property litigation

Strategic Brand Management

In today’s increasingly global marketplace, protecting a client’s strong brand identity is more important than ever. Drawing on our wide knowledge of IP law, WSC uses all tools available to ensure that our clients’ brands and identity are protected in the United States and throughout the world through:

Identification & Prosecution. We analyze and identify the best way to protect assets and advise clients on the competitive landscape, as well as apply for and prosecute intellectual property applications and address any opposition or challenges that arise.

Monitoring. We maintain the integrity of our clients’ brands, including trademarks, copyrights, and trade dress, by diligently monitoring their use. We actively police infringers and entities that attempt to dilute our clients’ brands, or cause confusion in the market, through a multi-faceted and rigorous approach to brand protection.

Negotiating. We draft and negotiate contracts for a variety of IP-related transactions, including licenses, brand partnerships, influencer agreements, coexistence, and transfer agreements to ensure that our clients’ IP is well protected. We also perform audits and due diligence of IP in all corporate transactions.

Enforcement & Protection. When established brands are threatened by counterfeiting, infringement, or fraud, WSC acts quickly to enforce our clients’ rights. Removing counterfeit goods, issuing cease and desist letters to infringers, and pursuing proceedings in the TTAB and litigation in Federal Court, our goal is to handle IP enforcement matters proactively, thoroughly, aggressively, and efficiently.

Intellectual Property Litigation

WSC represents both defendants and plaintiffs in a wide range of IP litigation. Our attorneys have extensive experience litigating claims in courts across the United States and before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board and United States Patent and Trademark Office. Clients rely on us for every stage of litigation, including conducting audits and pre-litigation investigations to assess risk exposure through to trial.